6Ft6 Wine



WHO: 6Ft6 Wine

WHAT: 6Ft6 Wine wanted to increase brand awareness of their wine within Australia


OFFER: Two complimentary bottles of wine from their award winning range.



6Ft6 Wine wanted to work with Australian influencers to promote that feeling 6ft6 is an experience best shared with friends. They wanted the influencers to be able to have the freedom to be able to create content that was about genuine enjoyment - shown in what this meant to the influencer. To further show the social aspect of the brand influencers were gifted with two bottles of their choice to ensure that there was enough to share.

The Brief

“We are looking for wine lovers who love 6Ft6 wine and want to share it with their friends. We would love for you to capture these moments, whether it be a night in with Netflix, picnic with your loved one or a night out with friends. All content produced should be accordance with RSA guidelines and we are not looking to promote or support excessive drinking“



6ft6 Case Study.png

Using the Hey Influencers platform, 6Ft6 Wine was able to partner with 8 Australian influencers. These collaborations resulted in reaching a total of 90,523 people and engaging with 3,411. 6Ft6 Wine was able to achieve these results through simply gifting two bottles of their award winning wine.

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