How Do I Align My Campaign Strategy With The Sales Funnel?


Wait, so what is a Sales Funnel / Buyer Journey Sequence?

A buyer journey sequence campaign is where you align your campaign strategy with the sales funnel, resulting in a longer term relationship with an influencer. For our non-marketers, a sales funnel is the journey a customer takes from the moment they become aware of your brand to when they buy your product.

Here’s how you can craft a campaign where the influencer posts for each stage of the sales funnel:

  1. Brand Awareness

  2. Consideration

  3. Purchase

  4. Loyalty

  5. Advocacy

Insta Post for Stage 1: Brand Awareness

Customers in the Brand Awareness stage need to identify a pain point and begin to understand how your product might be a solution for that pain point.

Your aim at this stage is more about memorability and front of mind positioning i.e. to build brand awareness. Your brief should include some key messaging around your brand that shows what you are and how you’re different as well as your UVP which helps position you in the market.

Insta Post for Stage 2: Consideration Stage

Customers in the consideration stage need to be shown how your product is a solution to their existing pain point.

In the consideration stage, your aim is to nurture prospective customers by targeting them with content and/or other strategies. For this stage, your brief for the influencer could include an example caption or script (if they are making a video) crafted to include explainers and ‘how-to’ related content for your product).

Insta Post for Stage 3: Purchase Stage

The third post is the sales related post that inspires their followers to follow through and make a purchase. Things like personalised discount codes, flash sales and other incentives to purchase like free shipping, a store voucher or a gift with purchase.

Insta Post for Stage 4: Loyalty Stage

The fourth post is the loyalty post which could include things like tutorials or outfit posts once they have your product. Another option is to use this post to promote a loyalty program you might have running on your store like Frank Body’s ‘Hotel Pink’ campaign.

Insta Post for Stage 5: Advocacy Stage

Finally, the fifth post is the advocacy post which brings us back to the ‘tag to win’ influencer giveaway technique that we will be exploring now. This technique encourages the influencer’s followers to refer your product to a friend.

Even if this doesn’t move consumers the entire way down the funnel itself there is something for everyone despite where they might be.

The Instagram stories highlights section is perfect to create an entire narrative over time so ask the influencer to complete a story for each post as well and save them to a highlight with your brand name. This will cost more but means the campaign will be more evergreen and results will show in the long term.

Gretta van RielComment