How to Create Your Campaign Strategy


Hey 👋🏽 so I’m guessing you fall into one of two buckets.

You either: (1) have no idea what you’re doing or (2) are a seasoned marketer looking for some structure around planning your campaign. Right?

Regardless of which bucket you fall into, rest assured. By the end of this article you will have
(1) Clear goals for your campaign and;
(2) Strategies on how to achieve those goals

The first step is to set and define your goal

You can’t track your influencer return on investment (ROI) without first knowing what returns you’re actually looking for.

So for your Campaign, try to pick one goal from the list below and quantify each relative to where you’re at with your brand.

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness

  2. Generating Content

  3. Growing your Social Following

  4. Driving Sales

We’ll break down each of these goals in further detail below.

1. My Goal is to Increase Brand Awareness

Since brand awareness is the first stage in your customer journey, it’s important to make a good first impression by getting your brand in front of as many people from your target audience as possible.

Here your aim is to ensure customers (often new audiences) form a positive association with your brand and the products/services you offer.

As a starting point, try and answer these two questions:

  • Q: How many people from your brand’s target audience are you looking to reach with your campaign?

    Example answer: 1 million people from your target audience upon launching your brand or product.

  • Q: How many influencers, and of what size following, will you need to collaborate with to add up to this number?

    Example answer: by collaborating 50 influencers with around 20,000 followers each or four influencers with 250,000 followers reach(note:both of these options are of course viable but would involve a very different type of campaign.)

An effective strategy to increase brand awareness is gifting collaborations, where you offer your product as a gift to an influencer in return for a social media post about your brand.

This type of campaign lends itself really well to a brand awareness goal because it generates word of mouth, buzz and conversation around the launch.

2. My Goal is to Generate Content

Brands need a constant stream of content to post but the problem is that professionally created, branded content can be really expensive. Luckily you can get quality, cost effective content by getting influencers to create content for you.

  • Q: If content generation is your goal, try to answer this goal setting question: how many pieces of influencer-generated content would you like created monthly?

From our experience, ~30 pieces of influencer-generated content daily is a great starting point for you to post across your social media channels.

3. My Goal is to Grow my Social Following

Your social following is important because it provides some great social proof for consumers. For your goal here, try to answer:

  • Q: how much are you looking to grow your social following by?

This could be a milestone like 10,000 Instagram followers so that you have the ability to add a swipe up link to your stories or you could also look at staggering this goal to best see improvements, for example, I want to hit 10K by June, 30K by September etc.

4. My Goal is to Drive Sales

This is quite straightforward. Try to answer:

  • Q: what sales targets are you looking to hit?

This could be an overall sales figure like generating $1000 a day or $100,000 in sales in a month or it could be in directly attributed influencer sales, like $10,000 in influencer sales for the campaign, and scaling from there.

Next steps? Set and reverse engineer your goal!

Sound like a lot of work? It is. At Hey Influencers, we’ve streamlined the campaign process end to end: from goal setting to collaborating with influencers.

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