How to Increase Engagement in Your Campaign


Get your influencer to recreate their top performing content

One hack to increase engagement is to ask influencers to re-create their top performing content for your brand. Most social platforms will have analytics around top performing content. On Instagram for example you simply ask them to go into their ‘insights’ then under the ‘content’ tab hit ‘see all’ under feed posts. This will take them to their top performing posts over the last year ranked by impressions.

Get the influencer to screenshot this page and you may be able to identify trends in this content. You may notice things like 3 out of the top 9 performing posts were in a bathtub or featured strawberries or puppies. It’s going to depend on every influencer.

Then pick between one and three of these posts for the influencer to recreate for you featuring your product. Okay, it’s not going to work with every type of content for every brand if you’re a t-shirt brand for example they couldn’t be wearing your t-shirt in the bath but they could be wearing it holding a puppy or a big punnet of strawberries. Just make sure your product fits the scene authentically.

Work with audiences that have a good balance of organic and sponsored content

A big part of influencers having their audiences’ attention and trust is because they have credibility — their audience believes what they’re saying. If someone you know and trust says something, it sticks and influencers are people that consumers feel like they know and trust.

Your campaign won’t be successful if the influencers’ audience doesn’t believe what they’re saying. So trust is key here.

The tip is to work with influencers who have a good balance of organic and sponsored content and to give influencers as much creative freedom around using their own authentic voice, tone and style in the content they create for you.

Some guidance is fine like ‘wear activewear’, or ‘stand in front of a pool’ or ‘talk about how the product makes you feel’ but not asking them to pose, unnaturally with your product or giving them an exact caption to post that is totally out of their usual tone of voice. Their audience will see straight through it.

Kim Kardashian is an example of an influencer who has major problems surrounding credibility & authenticity

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 11.46.32 am.png

A good example of this is Kim Kardashian who has some major problems surrounding credibility, authenticity and audience trust.

Although she has the reach and is one of the most well known influencers in the world, she has a big problem with credibility when it comes to brand partnerships.

She is well known for pushing products she may not necessarily use or believe in, in return for huge payments demanding upwards of $300,000 a post on Instagram.

For instance, she’s received huge media and follower backlash for some of her more questionable posts including promoting an appetite suppressant lollipop to her young, impressionable followers.

Sarah Stevenson (Sarah’s Day) is an example of an influencer with huge credibility

On the other hand entirely, a great example of an influencer who has a cult-like following with huge credibility, authenticity and trust is Sarah Stevenson of Sarah’s Day. We’ve worked with Sarah in the past at The 5TH so I can tell you with certainty that she is the real deal when it comes to influencers with real influence.

  • Sarah has a massive, dedicated following on both Youtube and Instagram.

  • Her relationship with her followers involves a deep emotional connection. She’s real. She’s raw. She’s authentic. She’s relatable. She is human.

  • Sarah is just as comfortable discussing her vulnerabilities and struggles as her successes and wins. She shares her personal life and her relationship with her boyfriend with her followers.

  • She has created a sense of community amongst her followers who she calls her Sezzy Squad.

  • She is a content and branding machine. From her Youtube to her Instagram, to her eBooks, to her podcast, to the real life events she hosts there are so many touch points for her audience to connect with her on.

  • She is amazing at storytelling making her engaging, and can form a narrative which feels inclusive. Like you know everything that goes on in her life.

Look her up and do some more research around her. She may not personally be the right fit for your brand due to relevancy and cost, she is expensive to work with now, but she forms the perfect overall influencer archetype.

As a next step, put together a bit of a list of influencers and maybe even start following them yourself so to keep and eye on them and see what their content is like over time.

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