Long Term Campaigns


While one-off collaborations (gifting, content, tag to win, personalised discount code campaigns) can serve their purpose, longer term or ongoing partnerships with influencers also have great benefits.

Option 1: Buyer Journey Sequence

A buyer journey sequence campaign is a campaign you can use to run in a longer term relationship with an influencer. You set up a campaign in collaboration with an influencer with 5 posts or areas as there can always be more than one post to each area.

Each post is targeted at each stage of the customer journey so moving the influencers down the funnel from awareness, to consideration, to purchase, to loyalty to advocacy.

For a step by step guide on this campaign strategy, click here.

Option 2: Revenue Share/Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing and longer term partnerships with influencers are another way you can incentive influencer’s followers to click through to your store. It’s becoming more and more common to ask influencers to work in a way that makes them more accountable and involved in the product. You could use the content that the influencer created for your brand in your ad to this audience as it will already be familiar and include a strong, compelling call to action to purchase. One of the best ways to do this is to co-create a product with them, and then offer them a percentage of sales as compensation.

Setting up a process by which they use a code / link / or tool to directly drive sales and offering them a set % of those sales means that their sales influence is directly trackable.

This can also work in reverse - you might already be a member of an existing affiliate marketing platform and notice that particular influencers are already driving traffic to your site through their day to day wear. They would be the best influencers for you to approach about collaborating!

The industry standard is to offer a flat fee rate for their initial post, so make sure you don’t just give the affiliate code to your influencer without paying them first!

Option 3: Ambassador contracts

You could offer the influencer an Ambassador type role where they become the face of your brand, or it could be an ongoing series of posts over the space of 6-12 months in order to give longevity to you brands association with an influencer.

Option 4: An ‘In-house’ role

If this influencer and their style epitomises your brand you might consider offering them an in-house role like head of content or even creative director for your brand.

Option 5: Co-create a product or collection with the influencer

This is where you work really collaboratively with an influencer to create a product under your brand that also has the influencers name attached to it. Big brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline do this kind of thing a lot (i.e. Gigi Hadid & Maybelline). However, smaller brands and startups can definitely also take advantage of this type of collaboration too. Check out Health Labs collaboration with influencer Sarah’s Day as an example.

At Hey Influencers, we’ve streamlined the campaign process end to end: from goal setting to collaborating with influencers.

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