How to hold a Personalised Discount Code Campaign


What is a Personalised Discount Code Campaign?

A Personalised Discount Code Campaign is where you offer macro-influencers a personalised discount code for their followers to use on your eCommerce store.

For example, giving an influencer a code that could be‘KYLIE25’ for her followers to save 25% off on your store. This method is great for tracking as you can directly attribute sales to that influencer.

In general, get creative! Any influencer engagement that can includes a trackable link with Google UTM parameters is perfect, because it not only makes it easy for you to track the results of the campaign but also to leverage the results even further by using this as a custom audience to retarget to.

As for tracking your results, metrics you should look at include

  • total increases in sales

  • total increases in sales from social referral traffic

  • increases in customer lifetime value from these attributed sales

  • the number of times an influencer’s discount code is used

CASE STUDY - Daniel Wellington

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 11.24.18 am.png

Look at brands like Daniel Wellington and HiSmile doing this on Instagram and Youtube.

An example from the 5th watches when they spent $1,000 on a Youtube video and received $23,000 in attributed sales in return.

That’s a 2200% ROI.

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