How to hold a Tag to Win Giveaway


What is a Tag to Win Giveaway?

A ‘Tag to Win’ is where the influencer asks their followers to tag a friend on their post and follow your brand to go into the draw to win a prize. Collaborating with influencers to host a giveaway for their followers on your brand’s behalf is a particularly powerful technique to quickly grow your social following.

Golden Tip: Keep it simple

We recommend the campaign brief have a strong, clear call to action and you should limit the time-span of the campaign to create a sense of urgency and inspire action. Try to create simple instructions for the influencer, so that they don’t ask their followers to do too much. You could even provide an example to give the influencer an idea of what you’re looking for e.g. by copy & pasting the below caption:

  • “Hey guys, I’ve teamed up with Drop Bottle to bring you this incredible health prize pack valued at over $1000 for you and your best friend. To enter, all you need to do is tag a friend on this post and both follow @gretta and @dropbottle to be in the draw to win. One comment = one entry and you can tag one friend per comment. The winner will be announced in 24 hours.”

The easier it is to enter, then and there on the spot, the better. Remember each time somebody tags a friend on the post it’s an opportunity for another person to be introduced to your brand by a friend. This strategy is going to work better with macro influencers for larger prizes and micro influencers for smaller more attainable prizes.

CASE STUDY - Bambi Boutique

Screen Shot 2019-08-29 at 11.29.59 am.png

The launch strategy of eCommerce brand Bambi Boutique on Instagram achieved ridiculous growth using only 3 super targeted Instagram influencer giveaways over the space of a week. They teamed up with three macro influencers, each with over a million followers on Instagram, and prominent within the beauty industry, to co-host giveaways with beauty prize packs valued at over $2000 each.

The results were incredible with Bambi Boutique:

  • Bambi Boutique instagram grew from zero to 150,000 Instagram followers in the space of a week.

  • Received over 465,000 comments on their competition posts alone. This figure doesn’t even include the additional engagements on the influencer’s posts themselves.

This particular campaign shows that explosive Instagram growth is still possible today when launching a targeted campaign at scale.



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