Goddess Detox


Goddess Detox has a number of products that allow women to detox physically, spiritually and emotionally.



WHO: Goddess Detox

WHAT: Goddess Detox wanted to increase the awareness and sales of their detox product




Goddess Detox held a pay-for-post campaign with the goal to increase sales by offering a select few macro influencers unique 15% discount codes to share with their audiences.

The Brief

“We would love to provide you with our product to promote. I would like x1 photo posted to Instagram of you with our product. We have found that it usually looks best if you are sitting with it, in its packaging, held out in front of you in. We would love it if you could talk about how you are new to vaginal steaming and have heard all the benefits and decided to try it from @GoddessDetox. If any of your followers are interested they can receive 15% through using your code. We are wanting to have this posted on May 3rd. How does this sound to you?”



goddess detox.png

Goddess Detox vetted their influencers, ending up with 3 macro-influencers. Each of these influencers had a unique audience. In the short 3 weeks, Goddess Detox reached 365,410 people and 12,308 total engagements.

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