Golden Grind


Golden Grind have been the masters of turmeric for years. They are the team you turn-to to ensure that you are getting quality turmeric lattes and tea. Knowing the benefits that turmeric not only when it is consumed by when it is applied, Golden Grind branched out and launched an all natural turmeric face scrub!



WHO: Golden Grind

WHAT: Golden Grind wanted to work with influencers to increase awareness for their new product: the all natural turmeric face scrub!


OFFER: Entire skin care product range provided complementary



In exchange for skincare products, Golden Grind wanted influencers to post on their instagram and stories and share a unique code “IAMGOLD” with their followers. There was no guidelines on the stories they just wanted to the influencers to post what they felt was appropriate.

The Brief

“We would love to send you our Golden Skincare products for you to use and capture your Golden moments using our products. In return, we would love to have an Instagram post and a number of stories. You can use a 10% off code IAMGOLD if you like for your followers. We will get this product out soon can’t wait to see you post!”



golden grind case study.png

Golden Grind worked with 7 Influencers over 3 weeks. In the short time their campaign was live, Golden Grind reached 50,945 people and achieved 2,736 engagements.

The cost? $0!

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