I used to spend hours on end searching for influencers and emailing them manually which was a very tedious job. Once I started using Hey Influencers, it made my life so much easier as everything is all in one place. I don't know what I'd do without it!

— Emily Chong, Founder of Healthish



WHO: Healthish

WHAT: Healthish wanted influencers to post photos of their bottles doing something ordinary to show how drinking 1L of water a day can be a practical reality.


OFFER: A 1L Healthish WB-1 Bottle



Healthish wanted to get their bottles into the hands of influencers, doing a variety of activities (exercising, eating, studying, working..) to show how drinking a litre of water a day can be simple, fun and stylish.

The Brief

“We would love to send you a Healthish bottle in exchange for 1x post with the bottle and 1x story on your beautiful Instagram. “




Healthish vetted their influencers, ending up with 10, each with their own unique audience. This resulted in Healthish receiving a collection of posts with the bottle displayed in great variety – different activities, different times of the day, sometimes with or without the influencer’s face. These 10 influencers collectively reached almost 134k, all without spending a cent!

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