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With 4 'social first' e-commerce startups under her belt, and over 16 million combined followers on Instagram across accounts, Gretta van Riel has learnt a thing or two about how to leverage the power of social media influencers to build a successful brand. 

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Gretta founded her first startup, SkinnyMe Tea (SMT), at the age of 22 with $24 in the bank. SMT went on to be a global success going on to win the Shopify Build-A-Business competition in 2013. Five years on, SMT has now sold over 11 million cups of tea worldwide.

She later went on to launch brands like Dropbottle, Skintox Co, and The 5TH Watches (www.the5th.co), which achieved over $100k in revenue on it’s first day of sales, and $1M in a single day of sales - all leveraging the power of social influencer campaigns.

But managing multiple social campaigns and thousands of influencer relationships came with it's fair share of problems - and there were no platforms available to help manage the entire process, and make it better.

So Gretta set out to scratch her own itch.

“I found it difficult to manage and track out relationships from the one place (across email and spreadsheets), and found it hard paying influencers for posts they’d sometimes not do.”
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"Creating Hey Influencers was a way to turn what I’d learnt about what makes for a successful influencer marketing campaign into a tool that other brands could use to grow too"


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