Peachy Skincare


Peachy Skincare is about feeling happy in your own skin. They don't want to tell you how to look. They want to help you feel happy, hydrated and comfortable with who you are in real life!



WHO: Peachy Skincare

WHAT: Peachy wanted to introduce their Vitamin C serum as a ‘pick me up’ supplement that keeps the skin bright, healthy, and looking peachy.


OFFER: Complimentary Peachy Daily Vitamin C Serum



To achieve the objective of increased brand awareness in New Zealand on a budget, the Peachy Skincare team worked with micro influencers in a gifting campaign to raise brand awareness of their Vitamin C filled product.

The Brief

“We’ll send you our brand new Peachy Daily Vitamin C Serum in return for one Instagram feed post that contains yourself and our product. We have created a product that keeps your skin bright, healthy, and looking peachy and we can’t wait for you to try it!”



peachy case study.png

From their campaign, Peachy collaborated with a total of 7 influencers for their Peachy Daily Vitamin C Serum. From their gifted partnerships Peachy was able to appear in 58,937 Instagram newsfeeds through the collective reach of their partners.

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