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Monthly Subscription (Self-Serve)

$95 USD per month*

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* Please Note: All on-platform payments are in USD. If you decide to run any budgeted campaigns, we charge a 10% fee (i.e. If you pay an influencer $50 for a post, we charge an additional $5). We’ll hold the payments securely for you until the influencer has done their end of the deal to your satisfaction - so you know your money is safe.

Please also note that where an influencer is based outside of Australia, and additional ~$4.20 USD per transaction will be payable by the brand.

Managed Campaign (we do the work)


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*Our Hands On managed service is recommended for high-growth startups who are looking to implement specific campaigns, or outsource their current ‘always on’ social influencer activity. The $2000 minimum does not include influencer payments.