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In a time where brand trust is at its lowest, influencers give brands the opportunity to tap into audiences who would have previously tuned them out. Influencers don't just have their followers' attention - they also have their trust. Working with influencers allows you to reach new customers by leveraging the powerful relationship that Influencers have diligently cultivated with their audience - and Hey Influencers gives you the tools to do it easy and efficiently.  


You're in good company. These are a few brands currently on the Hey Influencers platform...

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Influencer Marketing isn't a fad

We know influencer marketing works, because we've done it ourselves. Over the last 5 years, we've started 5 online brands (including The 5th, SkinnyMe Tea and Drop Bottle) and built our Instagram following to over 16 million (combined) followers. 

We’ve collaborated with over 5,000 influencers at our brands alone and learnt a thing or two about what it takes to build a successful influencer campaigns and relationships from both sides of the market, as both a brand and an influencer. 



A purpose built platform


We believe in the power of influencers so much, that we purpose built Hey Influencers to seamlessly manage and scale influence relationships and campaigns from end-to-end for our own brands - and now yours, too.

Our templated campaign creation tool guides you through the steps of setting up and managing a successful influencer marketing campaign, turning a time consuming process into one that is easy and efficient.

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How it works

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Get your brand seen by thousands of influencers at the press of a button

No more awkward, cold direct messages. Influencers let you know if they're interested in working with you by giving you a 'Hey', so you can stop wasting time sending hundreds of messages and getting no responses.


These are just a few of the influencers currently on-board who could potentially want to work with your brand..

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No budget for influencer marketing?

No worries. You can also use Hey to find and gift influencers with product or experiences in exchange for content + shoutouts. 

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