WHO: Tonik

WHAT: Tonik wanted influencers to increase brand awareness by conducting honest reviews about their easy-to-take capsules.


OFFER: 1x Tonik capsule pack of the natural elixirs of the influencers choice



Tonik wanted their influencers to make genuine, honest reviews of their products by making a ‘Tonik Journal’, which is pretty much a term coined for posting updates with Tonik products and how one feels after taking it for however long.

The Brief

“We wanna hear about your beauty & wellness journey and how our natural supplements can be included to assist and or benefit your wellness / beauty concerns. We are looking to feature your personal beauty & wellness journey and offer our natural elixirs to fix your daily struggles. We would like you to pick a personal health or wellness issue your are currently dealing with and showcase how Tonik can assist with solving it




Tonik was able to engage with influencers to create genuine content without rushing them to post. The 11 vetted influencers created an impactful campaign, documenting their experience with the capsules in a genuine way. The campaign was cost-effective and reached an engaged audience of almost 73k in Tonik’s primary demographic.

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